B'Tselem offers open day for 'right-wing moles'

After B'Tselem activist caught encouraging torture, murder of Palestinians, NGO offers cynical event for 'right-wing moles.'

Reut Hadar ,

B'Tselem event invitation
B'Tselem event invitation
From B'Tselem ad

The NGO B'Tselem has published a cynical, yet serious, invitation for an "open day" at Har Hevron this Friday. The event is aimed at what it calls "right-wing moles."

"B'Tselem invites you - right-wing moles, impostors and pretenders - to an event in southern Har Hevron this Friday January 29. There is no need for costumes, no need to stock up on hidden cameras," the ad notes.

The event's description says that it will include "snacks, mingling with Palestinians, discussions with B'Tselem researchers about the injustices of the occupation, and finally - free time for questions, eavesdropping and taking sentences out of context."

A recent expose by the TV show "Uvda" revealed that B'Tselem member Nasser Nawajiya providing the Palestinian Authority (PA) with the identities of Arabs who sell their property to Jews. He even bragged that the PA tortures and kills the sellers. In response, the NGO released a statement defending Nawajiya and claiming that he used "the only legitimate channel" to voice his grievances.

One of the main criticisms B'Tselem and others have laid against Uvda is that it based the report on video footage and that the group which provided the clips is politically motivated. Ironically, B'Tselem is famous for providing video clips of IDF soldiers with little or no context, and is frequently accused of having sinister motives and supporters.