5 Israeli, 9 Palestinian buildings demolished

Civil Administration concluded enforcement actions against Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Demolition of illegal Palestinian structure
Demolition of illegal Palestinian structure
Photo: Civil Administration spokesperson

The Civil Administration conducted enforcement activities during the past week during which nine illegal Palestinian structures were demolished.

Additionally, three Palestinian vehicles used for illegal work were confiscated and evacuated off a premise where illegal land development was carried out.

The Administration further reported that during the week, the Inspection Unit demolished five illegal structures built by Israelis.

The buildings were located in the outposts of Ma’oz Esther, Geulat Tzion, and the village of Nahliel, all in Samaria.

The Administration emphasized that the destruction was carried out only after completion of the appropriate enforcement process.

Maoz Esther residents said Monday morning that the building that was destroyed served as a synagogue. Civil Administration officials argued that the structure did not contain any Torah scrolls nor other elements indicating that the building was used as a synagogue.