Video proves Canadian PM prayed at a mosque

Video of 2013 visit by then-Liberal leader to a mosque in western Canada shows he prayed alongside Muslims.

Dalit Halevi,

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A video documenting the visit of the then leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, to a mosque in western Canada confirms that Trudeau joined Muslim worshipers for evening prayers after sundown, the CIJNews website revealed on Monday.

Trudeau’s visit at the Jamea Masjid mosque in Surrey, British Columbia, took place in July of 2013, nearly two years before he was elected Prime Minister.

In the video, Trudeau is seen wearing traditional Islamic garb and thanking Muslim worshipers for allowing him to pray alongside them. In a speech he gave after prayers he also said that the values ​​of Ramadan are, in fact, Canadian values.

While the visit took place in July 2013, the video was published only this week, according to CIJNews.

In the federal elections in October 2015, Trudeau won a majority in parliament, obtained in part thanks to the massive support he received in the Muslim community in Canada.

One of the senior Muslim clerics in Canada compared Trudeau to a Christian king who helped the Muslims during the time of the Prophet Mohammed and later converted to Islam.

Since being elected, Trudeau has pushed forward with a plan to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada, despite security concerns following the November terrorist attacks in Paris.

Trudeau was on hand to personally welcome the first batch of Syrian refugees who arrived in Toronto in early December.