Suspected Arab terrorist captured in north

Police set up checkpoints from Haifa to Nahariya after obtaining warnings a female Arab terrorist intends to launch an attack.

Reut Hadar, | updated: 21:14

Checkpoint (illustration)
Checkpoint (illustration)
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Police erected security checkpoints from Haifa to Nahariya on Monday evening following information that a female Arab resident of Taibe intended to carry out a terrorist attack in northern Israel. 

A short time after the checkpoints were erected, the terror suspect was captured by police and Israel Security Agency forces in Nahariya. 

According to Channel 2, though originally from Taibe in the Triangle area where over 300,000 Arab citizens live, the terror suspect has been residing in Jerusalem. 

A large presence of security forces were stationed at the emergency checkpoints, checking all vehicles that passed through. 

This marks the second time on Monday police were on high alert following warnings an Arab terrorist was planning to carry out an attack. 

Dozens of emergency checkpoints were erected across southern Israel on Monday morning, after the Israeli Security Agency intelligence service put out an alert for a female Arab who they believed was on her way to commit an attack.

A short time later police withdrew the terror alert for southern Israel, after it was determined that the suspected terrorist did not manage to enter Israeli sovereign territory.