Israelis demand airline remove Arabs from flight

Aegean Airlines issues apology after Israeli passengers demand Arabs be removed from flight to Tel Aviv over security risk.

Reut Hadar ,

Aegean airline plane at Ben-Gurion Airport
Aegean airline plane at Ben-Gurion Airport
Moshe Shai/Flash 90

Greece's Aegean Airlines issued an apology Tuesday afternoon for an incident on Sunday, in which Israeli passengers demanded Arab travelers be removed from a plane over security concerns. 

The airline said it would like to "thank again the two passengers who agreed to disembark for their understanding and collaboration and we apologize for the whole episode which was indeed extremely unfortunate."

The episode occurred Sunday on an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens, Greece to Tel Aviv. 

According to the airline, before the flight could take off, "an initially small group" of passengers "very vocally and persistently" demanded the two Arabs from eastern Jerusalem be "checked for security issues."

After completing the security checks, "a much larger group of passengers" apparently began demanding the two Arabs be removed from the plane despite assurances from staff. 

The two passengers agreed to disembark from the plane and take a flight back to Israel the following morning. 

The incident comes amid an over three-month period of near daily terror attacks on Israeli civilians, as well as a particularly brutal shooting attack in Tel Aviv last Friday which left two Israelis murdered.