Shooting in Har Hevron region

One Israeli moderately wounded in shooting attack at an intersection in Judea, as attacks continue rolling in every 2 hours.

Ari Yashar ,

Har Hevron spokesperson

A shooting attack took place on Sunday night in the Har Hevron region of Judea, near the ancient city of Hevron.

One Israeli aged in his 20s was moderately wounded in the attack, which occurred at Hakvishim Intersection in the region.

Military medic teams are providing medical treatment to the victim, who will be evacuated to the hospital.

Just around two hours earlier on Sunday, a man was stabbed and very lightly wounded by an Arab terrorist as he waited at a bus stop in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem.

Fortunately the knife did not penetrate his skin, and the terrorist fled the scene before being apprehended.

Roughly two hours before the stabbing attack, a shooting attack took place in Hevron, in which an Arab sniper terrorist shot a female soldier, moderately wounding her outside the Cave of Machpelah. The 19-year-old victim suffered a gunshot wound to her hip.

Sunday's incidents follow a lethal shooting attack last Friday afternoon, in which an Arab citizen of Israel shot dead two victims and wounded nine others at a pub in Tel Aviv. The terrorist is still at large, and is suspected of also having shot dead a taxi driver, who was found dead an hour after the shooting.