Labor MK says 'terrorist' serving as Bennett aide

Yoel Hasson blasts Jewish Home chairman for inconsistency, calls on him to condemn 'Jewish terror' closer to home.

Cynthia Blank,

נתן נתנזון
נתן נתנזון
צילום: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

MK Yoel Hasson (Zionist Union) claimed on his Facebook page Monday that convicted Jewish Underground member Natan Nathanson, serves as an advisor to Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett. 

According to Hasson, Nathan has a fixed permit to enter the Knesset, regularly attends meetings of the Jewish Home faction and led coalition negotiations for Bennett during the formation of the last two governments. 

"Nathanson is also a Jewish terrorist," Hasson charged. "In the eighties he tried to assassinate the then-mayor of Shechem with an explosive. Following the Jewish Underground attack, the mayor was seriously injured and both his legs were amputated."

The Binyamin religious council head was convicted of membership in a terrorist organization back in June 1980 after participating in a string of similar bombing attacks. 

Noting Bennett had come out strongly against the Jewish youths suspected of involvement in the deadly Duma arson, Hasson called on him to take a similar step with regard to Nathanson. 

"Naftali, I watched you launch a campaign of condemnation in recent days against Jewish terror," Hasson said. "I watched you get a medal of valor from commentators [who called you] a guardian of democracy. Impressive, but first condemn terror in your house, in Jewish Home."

"So go ahead Naftali, prove your sincerity and throw out the terrorist attached to you," Hasson urged. "Deal with your garden of wild weeds without apologizing. Because if you don't do this now - five years from now the Duma terrorists will sit in the Knesset."