Driver asked to 'stop smoking' and was attacked

Two young men attacked a Tel Aviv bus driver and broke the arm of a passenger. The reason: they were asked to stop smoking.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Meir Sela / Flash 90

Police arrested two young men aged 17 on Thursday after attacking a bus driver and a passenger during a ride.

The two minors boarded a bus in Tel Aviv, sat down, lit cigarettes and began to smoke much to the dismay of the driver and passengers.

The bus driver asked them to put out their cigarettes or get off the bus as he opened the bus doors for them.

The two approached the driver and wanted to attack him. A 60-year-old passenger who saw the incident unfold stood up and blocked their way to try to prevent the attack.

In response, they attacked the passenger, pushed him out of the bus and broke his arm. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the two. Formal charges will be filled in the upcoming days.