Youth charged with threatening Arab workers

15-year-old from Bnei Brak walked around construction site with a saw, tried to scare Arabs.

Ido Ben Porat,

Construction workers (file)
Construction workers (file)
Flash 90

A 15-year-old Jewish youth from Bnei Brak was charged in a Tel Aviv youth court Thursday for issuing racist threats, holding a knife and disobeying a court order.

According to the charges, in early November in reaction to the Arab terror wave, the youth and two other minors, aged 13 and 14, decided to walk around construction sites in Bnei Brak and demand that the contractors stop employing Arabs.

At around noon the three set out, with the youth carrying a saw and the 14-year-old brandishing a metal rod. They reached a construction site, approached the workers and asked them where the contractor is. One of the workers asked them who they were and what they needed.

In response, the three cursed the workers and threatened them, saying among other things – "prostitutes," "get out of here," "we'll kill you" and "death to the terrorists." As they said these things, the 14-year-old banged the rod on the wall in order to scare the workers.

The three then went on to another construction site and demanded that the contractor stop employing Arabs.

They continued to a third site and approached workers, shouting "death to the Arabs," "Mohammed is dead" and "Mohammed is a pig." They approached the contractor and told him: "You are employing Arabs; you are a traitor."

The 15-year-old youth is also accused of violating the terms of his release from police custody. He had been placed under full house arrest and allowed to go out to an event, but he never returned home and was only located Wednesday by police.

The State Attorney seeks to keep the youth under arrest until the end of his trial.