Improvement in condition of Hevron victim

While still sedated, the 40-year-old man critically injured in stabbing in Hevron on Monday has stabilized.

Orly Harari,

Injured victim at entrance to Shaarei Tzedek
Injured victim at entrance to Shaarei Tzedek
MDA spokesperson

The condition of the man critically injured in a stabbing attack in Hevron on Monday has seen a slight improvement. 

Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center said the forty-year-old is being treated in the Jerusalem hospital's intensive care unit. He is sedated, but his condition has stabilized. 

He suffered several stab wounds to the upper body in the attack and has been breathing through a respirator since. 

Meanwhile, the two men in their twenties who were injured on Wednesday in another stabbing attack in Hevron are also being hospitalized at Shaarei Tzedek. 

The Israeli civilian lightly injured in the stabbing suffered a fracture to a bone in his arm, and may undergo surgery. The second victim, an IDF soldier, was moderately injured with cuts on his scalp and arms, some of which will require surgery. 

The attack on Wednesday occurred in the Beit Hadassah area of Hevron.