'You defended Jerusalem with your body'

Roni Alsheich pays hospital visit to heroic officer who was stabbed by terrorist but managed to fight him off while wounded.

Uzi Baruch ,

Roni Alsheich visits wounded officer
Roni Alsheich visits wounded officer
Israel Police

Newly appointed police chief Roni Alsheich paid a hospital visit on Wednesday morning to a police officer who was stabbed and moderately wounded last week in Jerusalem.

In the attack, an Arab terrorist wielding a knife approached the police car in which the officer sat on Hanevi'im Street, near the Damascus Gate of the Old City.

The terrorist stabbed the officer, but despite being wounded he heroically fought with his assailant, allowing two additional officers who were standing nearby to shoot and neutralize the terrorist.

Alsheich on Wednesday visited the officer at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in the capital to check on his well-being.

The police chief spoke with the officer and his wife, and heard from the brave policeman about the moments in which he was attacked and struggled with the terrorist.

"Appoint guards to your city," said Alsheich, quoting a well-known adage, and saying the phrase is "being implemented by all units of the police from all around Israel."

"This time it was you who defended Jerusalem with your body, literally," he said, wishing the officer "a complete and speedy recovery and a happy Hanukkah."