Beware: Carcinogenic pacifier

Ministry of Economics warns the public against use of a certain batch of yellow Gumex pure latex pacifiers.

Michal Levy,

GUMEX pacifier
GUMEX pacifier
Economics Ministry

The Ministry of Economics has issued a warning to the public against using a certain type of baby pacifier, which is deemed to contain a carcinogenic substance. The Ministry has made clear that the warning refers only to a specific batch of these pacifiers.

The dangerous pacifier is a size L yellow pacifier manufactured by Gumex, made of "pure latex."

The pacifier itself bears the stamp "G/GUMEX/PURE LATEX" and the package is marked with the batch number 41/4/14. The pacifiers were sold to the public after June of 2015.

The Ministry explained that the same pacifier has been sold in different packages. Therefore, what matters in identification is what is stamped on the pacifier itself, and the other criteria noted above.

The body in charge of standards in the Economics Ministry published the pubic warning after looking into the matter with the Health Ministry and the Institute of Standards, and following hearings vis-à-vis the manufacturer and marketer, as per the Standards Law.

"From the moment it received notification of the defect, the manufacturer has the duty to collect the product from all the places it was distributed to, to stop its sale and to update the various distributors and sellers about the defect. A manufacturer who does not act accordingly is liable to administrative and criminal proceedings, including an investigation and the filing of charges," the Ministry said.

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