Terror victim: 'I stopped the blood with my scarf'

Liel Yotko recounts the moments before and after the stabbing attack in Kiryat Gat in which four people, including her, were injured.

Cynthia Blank ,

Medics rush Kiryat Gat victim to hospital
Medics rush Kiryat Gat victim to hospital
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Liel Yotko, the 13-year-old girl injured in the terror stabbing in Kiryat Gat on Saturday night, recounted to Channel 2 on Sunday the harrowing moments of the attack. 

Four people, including Yotko, were injured when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed them outside a soccer stadium in the southern city. They are being treated at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. 

Yotko had been walking with a friend on Saturday evening when they noticed a suspicious-looking man behind them. "He had his hand in his pocket. He looked suspicious to me so we began to walk faster. He started chasing after us so we began to run."

She and her friend were not able to shake the knife-wielding terrorist and he succeeded in stabbing Yotko twice in the back and once more in the stomach. 

"I told my friend to run away," Yotko recounted. "I sat on the ground and tied my [wounds] with a scarf in order to prevent the bleeding. I called the police and my mother."

According to Yotko, after he stabbed and moderately wounded her, the terrorist tried to run after her friend, but stopped when he encountered an elderly woman. He then stabbed her as well before targeting several other people who couldn't escape in time. 

The terrorist managed to flee but was caught hours later hiding in the yard of a private house in Kiryat Gat. 

"I still can't believe it," Yotko said of the attack. "It's strange to me that until now I saw cases like this on television and now it's me."