Parents of detained demand Shaked do something

Protest in front of Justice Minister's home, after state indicts activists for protest of synagogue destruction day after agreement reached.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Ayelet Shaked with protesters
Ayelet Shaked with protesters
Families of the detained

Family members of the nationalist activists who were arrested protesting the destruction of Ayelet Hashahar Synagogue in Givat Ze'ev before a recent compromise staged a protest Thursday night outside the home of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) in Tel Aviv.

The protesters held signs reading "enough of the persecution," "enough racism," and "a bit of proportionality."

They demanded to "stop the persecution and the wild behavior of the state attorney's office, that asked the court for an arrest until the end of legal proceedings."

"A day after the agreements (to take apart the synagogue and rebuild nearby - ed.) the attorney's office submitted severe indictments on endangering lives on a public transportation route," added the protesters.

The family members of the detained argued that it should be clear to all that there was no attempt to endanger anyone's life, but rather to demonstrate against the High Court order to destroy the synagogue - which was at the time in the middle of proceedings to have its legal status clarified after not having a building permit.

Shaked went out to speak with the protesters in front of her house, listened to their statements and promised she would try to help.

The parents emphasized to her that a day before the submission of the indictments, an agreement was signed between the state and the synagogue members, making the submission of the indictments scandalous in their reckoning.

The government had been pressed by top rabbis to stop the synagogue destruction, and many noted the hypocrisy of the demolition orders given the presence of hundreds of illegal mosques nationwide - many of which had demolition orders canceled given their "sensitive" religious nature.