Kuwait arrests members of ISIS terrorist cell

Kuwait arrests six men suspected of recruiting terrorists for the ISIS jihadist group.

Ben Ariel,

Flag of Kuwait
Flag of Kuwait

Six men suspected of belonging to an Islamic State (ISIS) terror cell were arrested by authorities in Kuwait, CNN reported on Thursday, citing Kuwait state television.

According to the report, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said the cell was allegedly involved in recruiting for ISIS, as well as providing logistics and funding for the terror group.

Kuwait said the alleged cell is composed of two Kuwaitis, three Syrians and one Egyptian.

In its statement, Kuwait's Interior Ministry said one of those arrested, Lebanese-born Syrian Osama Mohammed Saeed Khaiyat, used a website under his supervision to help fund and support ISIS.

Khaiyat allegedly admitted under interrogation that he made a deal in Ukraine to buy ammunition and rockets for the terror group, shipping via Turkey to Syria, according to CNN.

Kuwait said the suspect also confessed to printing badges and stamps featuring ISIS signatures and signs, as well as transferring money to bank accounts in both Syria and Turkey.

Kuwait's Interior Ministry also alleges the suspected cell collaborated with four people outside Kuwait, identified as two Syrians and two Australian-Lebanese. It is not clear whether those four have been arrested, and officials did not elaborate on the alleged collaboration.

Kuwait has several times apprehended terror cells in the country, most recently in September, when 24 people were charged with plotting attacks against the Gulf state in collaboration with Iran and Hezbollah.

The accusations came after the interior ministry said in August it had uncovered a large amount of weapons, ammunition and explosives when arresting members of a "terror cell". The defendants, however, denied links to Iran and Hezbollah, alleging that confessions were extracted under extreme physical torture.

Majority-Sunni Muslim Kuwait has been on alert since an Islamic State suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shiite mosque in the capital Kuwait city in late June, killing 27 people.