Strike? Departures halted at Ben Gurion Airport

In apparent strike, control tower operators temporarily shut down flight departures, delaying four international flights.

Cynthia Blank,

Departure gate at Ben-Gurion airport
Departure gate at Ben-Gurion airport
Flash 90

Control tower operators at Ben Gurion Airport temporarily shut down flight departures on Thursday morning, as part of an apparent strike.

The workers also refused to unload luggage for 20 minutes, reportedly after the Israel Airport Authority workers' committee sent a directive to strike.

IAA employees, however, deny the strike, and the reason for the lull in departures and baggage unloading remains unclear. 

Despite the committee's claims it was not sanctioning Ben Gurion Airport, four international flights destined for Istanbul, London and New York were delayed. 

An additional four flights expected to take off on Thursday morning were also expected to be postponed.

An IAA spokesman said shortly after 10 a.m. that flights had resumed and air traffic takeoffs and landings were being conducted regularly.

He noted that delays in unloading baggage may persist. 

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