Baby chokes to death on marble in Bnei Brak

Tragedy: eight-month-old dies from common toy, after medics extract the marble from wind pipe and evacuate him to hospital.

Shlomo Pyotrkovsky,

Marble extracted from wind pipe
Marble extracted from wind pipe
MDA spokesperson

Tragedy struck on Tuesday as an eight-month old baby boy choked to death in an apartment on Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi Street in Bnei Brak.

Magen David Adom (MDA) medical teams were called up in the afternoon to resuscitate the infant, and during the process the paramedics succeeding in extracting a marble from his windpipe.

The baby was evacuated to Tel Hashomer Hospital in critical condition, and later doctors were forced to pronounce his death at the hospital.

Yosef Kurdi, an emergency medic at MDA's hotline, explained, "I receive a call about an unconscious baby who was not responding at a home in Bnei Brak."

"I sent off on-call MDA teams and an MDA emergency treatment vehicle, and in parallel I immediately started to guide the family members to conduct basic resuscitation while explaining how to extricate a foreign object until the MDA teams arrived."

MDA paramedic Shani Mizrahi, who arrived in the emergency treatment vehicle, said, "we found a baby around 11-months old. The baby was blue, unconscious, with no pulse and wasn't breathing."

"We conducted life-saving activities including advanced resuscitation while trying to extricate a foreign body from his wind pipe," she said. "After a few minutes we extracted a marble from the wind pipe, and went on to evacuate him to the hospital while continuing resuscitation, with his status very serious."