Feiglin: 'I envy the French'

Ex-MK says he wishes Israelis understood that they are at war, the way the French do after the massacres.

Gil Ronen,

Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin
Flash 90

Ex-MK Moshe Feiglin, who heads the Zehut movement, wrote Tuesday on his Facebook page that he "envies the French a little" for their reaction to the Paris attacks last Friday.

All it took was "one properly executed mass murder," he said, "and everyone there understands that they are at war."

In Israel, things were not so simple, when terrorists began to blow up buses and restaurants after the Oslo Accords were signed, said Feiglin. Then-prime minister, Shimon Peres, "insisted that these were 'the victims of peace.'"

"This French realization, that we are at war, we insist not to understand, in Israel, to this day. The 'peace industry' that Peres and his friends set up, exists ever since Oslo, and will not let reality get in its way."

Despite these opening paragraphs, Feiglin added that it is, after all, better to be in Israeli than a Frenchman. The reason, he explained, is that like the Americans after 9/11, "the French do not have a real ability to identify the enemy, fight it and defeat it."

The Americans conquered Iraq after 9/11, but lost the war, opined Feiglin: "They elected a president named Hussein, ran from Iraq and left behind a much more radical and determined Islamic regime, signed a surrender agreement with the nuclear ayatollahs and are now ceding hegemony in the Middle East to Putin."

Europe, too, will lose, he predicted. The reason, he said, is that the Jewish nation is founded on elements that are "beyond nationality and territory." These foundations are "much deeper and eternal than Islam and the Christian enlightenment that is collapsing before it."

"Faced with a modern Jewish freedom state – a state that is connected to its identity and the secret of our nation's eternalness – Islam will bow its head," he stated.