Jerusalem Hospitals Compete Over Terror Victims

Hadassah Medical Center, Shaare Zedek trade barbs over treatment of stab victims, with malpractice accusations flying.

Tova Dvorin ,

Terror victims brought to Shaarei Tzedek, October 2015
Terror victims brought to Shaarei Tzedek, October 2015
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Jerusalem area hospitals are competing over quality of care once again, a report released Sunday revealed - this time, over the treatment of terror victims. 

Hadassah Medical Center and Shaare Zedek hospital have traded barbs over who provides better care to patients, a Health Ministry contact stated in an Army Radio interview Sunday morning, after one of the terror victims who was brought to Shaare Zedek in critical condition was transferred to Hadassah upon being stabilized. 

Hadassah has levied serious allegations against doctors at Shaare Zedek, including claims that one doctor at the latter hospital caused irreparable brain damage through unprofessionalism and general criticism over the lack of neurosurgeons available for emergencies.

Health Ministry officials insisted to Army Radio that Shaare Zedek is the best medical center "by any standards," and that its trauma unit is one of the best in Israel. 

Meanwhile, Hadassah has released no official response over the apparent quarrel, while Shaare Zedek staff have stated that rumors of malpractice are a deliberate ploy to direct patients to competing hospitals. 

The conflict has already begun to affect patients, however. Hadassah and Shaare Zedek battled over who would care for Adelle and Natan Banita, the wife and son of Aharon Banita, who was murdered in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City earlier this month.

Adelle and Natan were initially brought to separate medical centers, and several days passed before the hospitals were able to agree over where to consolidate treatment and reunite mother and son. 

In another case, Hadassah staff pushed Shaare Zedek to transfer an unnamed victim suffering from stab wounds to their care, as Hadassah Medical Center claimed to have better staff available for rehabilitating the particular wound - and that Shaare Zedek did not.

Shaare Zedek refused to transfer the patient, a move a spokesperson from the hospital stated to Army Radio was handled upon advice from a top-ranking expert at Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer.