Terror Victim and Son Released from Hospital

After losing husband, Aharon, and suffering serious stab wounds in terror attack, Adelle Bennett returns home with two children.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky ,

Netanyahu kisses daughter of Aharon Banita-Bennett in hospital
Netanyahu kisses daughter of Aharon Banita-Bennett in hospital
Kobi Gideon/Flash 90

Adelle Bennett and her two-year-old son were released from Hadassah Medical Center on Tuesday - ten days after being injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City. 

Bennett's husband, Aharon, as well as fellow Jerusalem resident Rabbi Nehemia Lavi were both murdered in the brutal attack. 

Bennett first arrived at Hadassah Medical Center on October 3 in critical condition with a total of 17 stab wounds. After surgery, her condition stabilized and she spent the next ten days in the hospital's surgical department.  

"Adelle, who was injured in a stabbing attack in the Old City, arrived here at Hadassah ten days ago in very serious condition," Professor Alon Pikarsky, head of the hospital's Surgical Department said Tuesday. 

"She was bleeding heavily and was in shock with 17 stab wounds from a knife. Two of the worst wounds were in the upper abdomen and upper back, which caused heavy arterial bleeding."

"After the initial stabilization in the trauma unit, she was rushed to the operating room where we stopped the arterial bleeding," Pikarsky noted. "She stabilized in the intensive care unit before being transferred for recovery to the surgical department."

According to Pikarsky, the injury in Bennett's hand "will stay with her and she will continue to be treated by Hadassah's Hand and Microvascular Surgery Unit." 

"Adelle is healthy and we wish her health and happiness with her two children," he added.