Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem; One Injured

Police officer injured in terror attack near Ammunition Hill; terrorist shot, another apprehended.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 14:55

Scene of Ammunition Hill stabbing attack
Scene of Ammunition Hill stabbing attack
Hezki Ezra

A border police officer been wounded in a terrorist stabbing attack at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem.

After some initial confusion and reports of a second casualty, police and paramedics clarified that the single victim was evacuated to hospital with light injuries, after managing to fend off the terrorist and shoot her.

The terrorist who carried out the attack, an Arab woman from eastern Jerusalem, has been hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Police also arrested an Arab man suspected of acting as her accomplice, close to the scene of the attack.

Initial reports had suggested the attack was a shooting, but presumably the shots which were heard were from police responding to the stabbing

According to a police statement: "A border police officer noticed a female terrorist who drew his suspicion along Haim Bar Lev Road and called out to her to stop.

"The terrorist continued walking and when she realized he was approaching her she turned to face him with a knife and stabbed him."

"The officer, who acted with great professionalism, managed to aim his weapon and neutralize her," the statement added.


It is the second stabbing in the capital, following an attempted stabbing in Jerusalem's Old City, close to the Lion's Gate.

In that attack, the terrorist was shot dead after stabbing a border police officer in his flak jacket. His intended victim thankfully emerged unscathed.