McCain: Terror Wave May be Due to Obama's Weakness

Ex-presidential candidate says Abbas acting with impunity, likely due to perceived American weakness in region.

Eliran Aharon ,

Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain

Former Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ) spoke to Arutz Sheva about the recent surge of Arab terrorism, and how US President Barack Obama's policies may be fanning the flames.

"These latest atrocities and crimes are unacceptable," said McCain, referring to the string of attacks which have included the murder of a young couple in front of their four children last Thursday.

The senator said that there is "no doubt" that Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and "other extremist organizations believe they can act with some impunity."

"Maybe that has to do with the perception of American weakness which is certainly being displayed in Iraq and Syria."

Abbas last month called for violence to block "filthy" Jews from the Temple Mount, and his Fatah faction and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have been calling for more attacks. Just last week, Abbas at the UN announced the PA has decided to abandon the 1994 Oslo Accords.

"The American people and the American government should stand by the state of Israel in these times of crisis as we have in the past," urged McCain.

"I hope that President Obama does not - because of his differences with Bibi (Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - ed.) - does not hesitate to do what is necessary to help Israel defend itself."