Wounded Mother and Baby to be Reunited Before Chag

Shaare Zedek's Director recounts to Arutz Sheva difficult night at hospital's trauma ward following multiple Jerusalem stabbing attacks.

Yoni Kempinski,

Jerusalem stabbing attack
Jerusalem stabbing attack
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Terror victim Adelle Banita will be reunited with her child before the start of the Simchat Torah holiday on Sunday night, after surviving a stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City in which her husband Avraham and Rabbi Nehemia Lavi were killed. 

Arutz Sheva spoke with Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Director, Prof. Yonatan Halevy, who recounted the difficult night the hospital's trauma unit encountered in the wake of the lethal attack. 

"It started in the early hours of the evening, about a couple hours after Shabbat was over. Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, of blessed memory, was brought to us actually clinically dead," Halevy said. 

Despite resuscitation attempts, the staff in the trauma unit was forced to "pronounce him dead soon after his arrival."

According to Halevy, Rabbi Lavi was repeatedly stabbed in the upper part of his body - in both the neck and the upper chest. 

Meanwhile, the Banitas' two-year-old, who suffered a gunshot wound to the right leg, was also brought to Shaare Zedek. After a successful operation, the child is in stable condition in the hospital's pediatric intensive care unit. 

"Naturally, we will unify between mother and baby," Halevy said, noting the decision would be made in coordination with Hadassah Medical Center, where Adelle Banita is being treated. The reunion "will happen before the chag."