'Your Enemies Will Lie'

A message from Moses from this week's parasha.

Joseph Frager, MD ,

Eliran Aharon

In Moshe Rabeinu's concluding words he prophecies that when the time for the redemption will come, the enemies of Israel will prevaricate about their circumstances.

"You are fortunate, Yisrael, who can compare to you-a people saved by Hashem, the shield of your aid who provides the victory of the sword of your glory; and your enemies will lie to you while you tread on their high places". Rashi gives the example of the Givonites (they were residents of Eretz Yisrael but posed as visitors from a distant land to avoid attack by the Israelites) lieing to Bnei Yisrael at the time of Yehoshua. The Chasam Sofer says about Israel's enemies, they make themselves as though they love you, and befriend you, but they still hate you.

They will cause Israel to let down its guard and then attack. An enemy that makes  itself out to be your friend is more dangerous than an enemy that is open about its intentions. Despite this, the Chasam Sofer says that G-d Almighty will destroy them in their high places. The Bachor Shor says essentially the same thing as the Chasam Sofer.

The Vilna Gaon relates each part of this Posuk to various times in Jewish History but the overriding message will be that this will apply in "future times". He writes that "You are fortunate Yisrael" relates to Yehoshua crossing the Jordan River. He writes that "who can compare to you" refers to the times of King Solomon. He further states that "a people saved by Hashem" relates to Yehoshua's conquest of Jericho and Hezekiah's defeat of Sancheriv. "The shield of your aid", he says refers to Israel's conquest of Yerushalayim and "who provides the victory of the sword of your glory" relates to the defeat of Haman.

The Vilna Gaon continues that all will apply in "future times". The State of Israel must know that our enemies will lie more and more the stronger the State of Israel gets. Their lies will increase proportional to Israel's strength. After 4 major wars and 3 smaller wars since the State of Israel was founded in 1948 the Arabs are getting frustrated and are trying all kinds of new ways to defeat Israel. One of the greatest lies was by Yasir Arafat when he signed the Oslo Accords in 1993. He had no intention of making Peace with Israel. His goal was to divide and conquer. He talked Peace at Camp David in 2000 then unleashed one of the most furious Intifadas against Israel ever. More Jews died because of Arafat's so called Peace than in any single war.

The agreement that President Obama signed without Israel's input or consent with Iran is another example of a pure sham and utter lie. The agreement signed by the President without the consent of the American people is a Great Falsehood by Iran to help destroy Israel. Ayatollah Ali Khomeini makes it perfectly clear that he wants to destroy Israel. It is a fulfillment of Moshe's prophecy that "your enemies will prevaricate to you". What are enemies don't know is that G-d will see to it they are defeated as it says in Parshat Vezot Ha Bracha, "your enemies will lie to you while you will tread on their high places".

The fact that the lies, falsehoods, and prevarications have increased by Israel's enemies only is testimony that the "future times" referred to by the Vilna Gaon are now.