The Style You Expect, in the City You Love

Now new English-speaking olim can own dream homes in Jerusalem.

Avi Shimshi ,

IMP International

With the steady surge in Aliyah among English speakers, Israeli industries are changing gears to cater to the needs of this unique demographic. Bringing high standards of education, community and general living, English speakers truly shape Israel’s economy and culture while also moving Israel to pursue better service and higher quality.

More than 40,000 Anglos have moved to Israel in the past decade. Figures from a joint Nefesh B’Nefesh and Deloitte report in 2009 estimated that olim from the United States, Canada and the UK generated a net financial contribution of 461 million NIS to Israel’s economy between 2002 and 2008. Moreover, these English-speaking olim have made an estimated contribution of at least 347 million NIS to the country’s tourism industry. This is why nearly every industry is looking to accommodate English speakers by bringing them the country they love with the standards that they are accustomed to.

Moreover, veteran olim are seeking to service newbies, helping to ease the bureaucratic hurdles, sharing insights to success and raising the standards for how to best relocate and acclimate from abroad to Israel. This is particularly evident in real estate, an industry full of mystery and complexity sure to intimidate anyone new to Israel.

With over a decade living in Israel, native Canadian David Bleeman has crafted a boutique living experience for new olim wanting total serenity, convenience, comfort and quality in making their move. Bleeman is the CEO of Asden Israel, overseeing the magnificent ParkEight community underway in Bakka, a neighborhood melding new and old.

Its beauty and charm make Bakka a magnet for English-speaking immigrants to Israel. He brings immense knowledge of Israeli real estate to a friendly English-speaking market. Optimally designed to meet the needs of Anglo olim, ParkEight offers luxurious apartments, duplexes and penthouses for total comfort, privacy and style.

"Many of our buyers are families who are coming on aliya from North America, UK and Australia, who are used to living in large houses with gardens and are looking for similar houses in Jerusalem,” said Ariyel Maresky, operations and marketing director of the project, who made Aliyah to Israel over 30 years ago from South Africa.

“Since almost all new developments in Israel are towers and high-density high-rise buildings, and because the cost of buying private homes in Jerusalem are astronomical, our ParkEight residential homes are extremely attractive to those buyers.”

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