Pleasant Weather Greets Israel for Sukkot

After weeks of heat, Israel will finally get some much-needed relief as it celebrates the Sukkot holiday.

Cynthia Blank ,

Prepping for Sukkot
Prepping for Sukkot
Yaakov Naumi / Flash 90

The eight-day Sukkot holiday which begins Sunday night will bring with it pleasant weather and a slight drop in temperatures after weeks of heavy heat across Israel. 

Comfortable weather will be felt on Sunday, with partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be cooler and will continue to drop slightly throughout the week. It will be chilly in the mountains on Sunday night, and Monday morning will see no real change in temperature.

On Tuesday, the first intermediate day of Sukkot, skies will be partly cloudy to sunny. There will be a slight drop in temperatures and a chance of local rain in the morning in northern Israel and along the coast. Wednesday's weather will be primarily the same.

High and low temperatures on Sunday are as follows:

  • Golan Heights - 31°C (87.8°F) and 18°C (64.4°F)
  • Tiberias - 37° (98.6°) and 23° (73.4°)
  • Haifa - 28° (82.4°) and 22° (71.6°)
  • Tel Aviv - 30° (86°) and 23° (73.4°)
  • Jerusalem - 27° (80.6°) and 18° (64.4°)
  • Dead Sea - 36° (96.8°) and 27° (80.6°)
  • Beersheva - 34° (93.2°) and 20° (68°)
  • Eilat - 38° (100.4°) and 25° (77°)

Because of the pleasant weather, many Israelis are expected to travel to nature reserves and parks across Israel during the intermediate days of Sukkot. The wave of trips began on Saturday, when tens of thousands of Israelis toured the country.