Radical Leftist Activist Smuggles Illegal Arabs

Attorney calls to jail activist who wrote Haaretz article about her serial smuggling of infiltrators in serious breach of security.

Ari Yashar ,

Leftist activist (illustration)
Leftist activist (illustration)
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Ilana Hamerman, an activist and one of the founders of the radical leftist group Lo Metsaytot (We Do Not Obey), smuggled Arab infiltrators who have no permit to enter sovereign Israeli territory in her car.

Hamerman did not try to hide the incident, but rather published the story in the leftist paper Haaretz. She wrote that on Rosh Hashanah Eve last week on Sunday, she smuggled an Arab worker who lived under the Palestinian Authority (PA) in her car trunk.

In the car itself she smuggled a female Arab resident into Israel. What's more, Hamerman wrote that this wasn't the first time that she smuggled the same Arab woman, and emphasized that neither of the two had a permit to enter sovereign Israeli territory.

The shocking breach of security shows a total disregard to the dangers of terrorism conducted by Arab residents illegally entering Israel. Just one of many examples was the mass stabbing attack in a central Tel Aviv train station last November, in which an Arab who illegally entered stabbed numerous Israelis, murdering the 20-year-old soldier Almog Shiloni.

Hamerman went on to describe how she let the Arab woman who illegally entered Israel stay at her home overnight, and the next day drove the infiltrators directly to Jerusalem - where a wave of Arab terrorism has been engulfing the capital since last Sunday.

At the end of her article, Hamerman declared she will continue to smuggle Arab infiltrators, and called on others to similarly breach the law.

Request that the police intervene

In response to the article, Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu legal aid organization contacted the police in a request that they investigate Hamerman and bring her to trial.

"This smuggling was done in a serial and continuous manner from an ideological impetus, and comes with a call to others to act similarly," wrote Kedar to the police.

The leftist activist would appear to be guilty of aiding, hosting and bringing in infiltrators, crimes that together merit a punishment of up to nine years in jail, noted the attorney.

Kedar emphasized that the crimes endanger Israel's security and were conducted for ideological reasons, and the fact that the activist made the crime public in an article published in a widely read paper and called for others to do the same only raises the seriousness of the incident.

In light of the serial nature of the smuggling crimes Kedar asked to cancel Hamerman's license to the car used in the crime for 30 days, and to investigate her for her actions.

Lo Metsaytot, the organization Hamerman belongs to, was founded in 2010 by Hamerman and other like-minded leftists. Honenu notes the organization has long advocated breaching Israel's laws against the illegal entry of Arab infiltrators.

"The Lo Metsaytot organization is an organization that takes part in crime," said MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) in response to Kedar's complaint. "The phenomenon of illegal infiltrators is a dangerous phenomenon, beyond the breach of the law itself."

The MK said of those who are not given permits to enter and work in sovereign Israel "like the nearly 100,000 who are given permits" that "they are dangerous and murderers of soldiers and citizens have come from among them. Therefore this phenomenon must be stopped."

Yogev noted he proposed a law to impose a stiffer punishment against those hosting and employing the infiltrators.

"Those who come and bring in terrorists to the very heart of the state of Israel are partners in destruction and crime, and in certain cases also to murder," he added. "We must investigate them and immediately put them on trial and judge them with full seriousness."