Jaffa Arab Indicted for Throwing Bomb at Yeshiva

Jaffa resident who threw grenade at Shirat Moshe yeshiva says he wanted to scare 'the settlers.'

Uzi Baruch,

Bomb Thrower
Bomb Thrower

The Yiftah District Police and Israeli Security Agency have arrested an Arab resident of Jaffa for throwing a hand grenade a the city's Hesder yeshiva "Shirat Moshe" three and a half weeks ago. 

The grenade was thrown at the yeshiva in Jaffa's Ajami neighborhood on September 2 at 11:00 p.m. It did not go off, thereby preventing injuries or casualties. The terrorist, Hafaz Kondos, escaped but was caught by surveillance cameras. 

Kondos, who previously served a 28-year sentence for terror-related crimes, admitted throwing the grenade during an interrogation with the ISA. He claimed he wanted to scare "the settlers" at the yeshiva and make them "sit still."

Concluding the investigation, prosecutors filed an indictment with the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday against the 57-year-old Kondos on charges of weapons possession, making aggravated threats and injuring a religious group for racist motivations.

The Yiftah District Commander, David Gaz, said, "this is a serious incident of a high quantity explosive, which could significantly harm the coexistence we are working to preserve in Jaffa."

"Through this arrest, as well as other activities the Yiftah District Police are conducting on the ground, we convey an unequivocal message to all those who would try and harm coexistence, Arabs or Jews. We know how to reach you and bring you to justice.