Ashdod 'Miracle Boy' Survives Being Run Over

Ashdod residents called it a miracle when a young child who got stuck under the wheels of a truck sustained only moderate injuries

Moshe Cohen,

Bicycle accident (file)
Bicycle accident (file)
Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Residents of Ashdod called it a miracle Sunday when a young child who got stuck under the wheels of a truck sustained only moderate injuries. Rescue workers who treated the child found him with injuries on several parts of his body, but mostly shaken up – far from the result that they had expected when the got the call for assistance.

The nine-year-old had been riding his bicycle when he apparently turned a corner and ran into a truck. The truck was unable to stop, and hit the bicycle – knocking the child off his seat and under the wheels of the truck which, although in the process of braking, was still moving. The truck continued on for several hundred meters until it stopped.

In trepidation, the driver, along with several dozen witnesses, peered under the truck – and discovered a boy who, although slightly injured, was mainly just badly shaken up. First aid workers from Ichud Hatzalah who had meanwhile arrived on the scene treated the boy on site, and then transported him to a nearby hospital.

When the volunteers arrived at the scene they found a child who had been injured when he was dragged with his bicycle under the wheels of a truck,” said an Ichud Hatzalah spokesperson. They provided him with first aid and then took him to the hospital.

Passerby said that there was no question in their mind that it would have been next to impossible to survive such an incident,” the spokesperson said. “There is no question that this was a miracle. The incident is being investigated by police.”