Anti-Israel Protester: I Don' t Hate Jews, But...

More disturbing footage of open anti-Semitism at London anti-Israel demo; pro-Palestinian activist explains why holocaust 'understandable'.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 20:53

Anti-Israel protester 'explains' the Holocaust
Anti-Israel protester 'explains' the Holocaust
Israel Advocacy Movement

Disturbing video footage continues to emerge of anti-Israeli protesters' open anti-Semitism at last week's demonstration in London, during which activists were demanding Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's arrest.

Pro-Palestinian groups circulated a petition demanding Netanyahu's arrest for "war crimes", and staged an angry protest in central London which featured Hezbollah and Hamas flags, open calls for "another holocaust" and other anti-Semitic incidents.

The latest video, released by the Israel Advocacy Movement, shows one pro-Palestinian protester who was later filmed clashing with police explaining why in his view hating Jews is legitimate. 

The man even goes so far as to justify the holocaust, echoing anti-Semitic canards often found on the far-right by claiming it was triggered by Jews "trying to take over" Germany. 

Following the demonstration British Jewish groups called for urgent action by authorities to tackle the rampant anti-Semitism and open support for outlawed terrorist groups exhibited by pro-Palestinian activists.