Polish Explorer Claims to Have Found Nazi Tunnels

On the heels of the gold train saga, Polish explorer says he found underground structure which the Nazis built to protect people.

Ben Ariel, Canada,

Neo-Nazi (file)
Neo-Nazi (file)

A Polish explorer claimed on Friday he has found a massive underground structure in southwestern Poland which, he says, the Nazis built to protect thousands of people, according to The Associated Press (AP).

The explorer, Krzysztof Szpakowski, told a news conference that he has no doubt as to his find, which he says was based on evidence that he has gathered for decades, including witness statements, old documents and an examination of the area by ground-penetrating radar and by dowsers.

Speaking on Poland’s TVN24, Szpakowski said the structure was part of the "Riese" (giant) system of railway tunnels, corridors and shelters that the Nazis were building during World War II in the mountains around the city of Walbrzych.

He added that anything from technical appliances to armaments could be inside, but "not a gold train", in reference to the claims by two Polish treasure hunters that they located a Nazi train laden with gold.

Szpakowski’s conference was hosted by Walbrzych regional authorities, who said they have officially registered his information and are seeking state funds for the exploration.

Last month, the two men sparked a gold rush by claiming they had found a tunnel at a separate location in Walbrzych that contains a Nazi train that could be carrying valuables. Now, however, they say it could be rather precious minerals for the war industry.

Poland said this week it would deploy the military to look for the alleged Nazi "gold train" that sparked global fascination.

Tomasz Smolarz, governor of the southwestern region of Lower Silesia, said this week it was "impossible to claim that such a find actually exists at the location indicated based on the documents that have been submitted."

Poland's central bank governor Marek Belka was skeptical as well, saying he believes the reports are a hoax.

"I think nobody (at the central bank) even thought to devote a second to this issue. This is some hoax," said, according to the International Business Times.

The two treasure hunters who claimed to have discovered the so-called "gold train" went public for the first time a week ago, but failed to reveal evidence for the alleged find they insist is "irrefutable".

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