The Obama-Netanyahu Relationship

An in-depth investigation into the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Walter Bingham ,

Obama and Netanyahu
Obama and Netanyahu
GPO and Reuters

The programme opens with a short commemoration of 9/11.

The controversial Iran deal is the subject of the main item today, with a debate between  two respected heavyweights in the world of journalism, Caroline Glick and Amir Oren.  You will hear contradictory views about the efforts of Prime 

Minister Netanyahu to scupper the Iran nuclear weapons agreement.

And:  An American account of the consequences for the US and Israel of unfreezing Iranian money.

Also: An item about France, Zionism and Aliyah.

Plus: Walter's view about the circus surrounding the forthcoming 2016 US Primaries to select the Party's candidates for President of the United States.

There is: A word about Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year with a surprising end.

Finally:  Some Jewish humour to enter 5776 in an upbeat mood.  

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