Muslims Terrorize Jewish Children on Temple Mount

Difficult to watch: footage surfaces of Muslims shouting at small children on the Mount.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Female Islamist activists regularly harass Jewish visitors
Female Islamist activists regularly harass Jewish visitors

Disturbing footage has surfaced Friday, of a band of Muslims terrifying preschool-age Jewish children on the Temple Mount. 

Veiled and masked Muslim women are seen shouting so violently at the children that the Israel Police is forced to escort them along a wall - not the main path. 

Despite regular harassment, rioting, and even assaults of non-Muslims on the Temple Mount, arrests of violent Muslim extremists are relatively rare.

In fact, Israeli authorities have submitted to the Jordanian Waqf's demands to ban all forms of non-Muslim worship on the Temple Mount - despite its status as the holiest site in Judaism - to the point of turning a blind eye to outright incitement.