Increased Security for MK Dichter after Threats

Arabs threatened the former Shin Bet chief. He recently called for separate Arab and Jewish highways.

Gil Ronen,

MK Avi Dichter
MK Avi Dichter
Flash 90

The Knesset Officer, who is in charge of Knesset Members' security, has decided to increase the security around MK Avi Dichter (Likud) after information was received regarding a tangible threat to his life. According to NRG, the threat came from Arabs, but there are no further details regarding the background for the threats or their content.

Last week, following a spate of terror attacks on Highway 443, MK Dichter said that for security reasons, Arabs from Judea and Samaria and Jews should no longer use the same highways.

"The joint roads are roads of opportunity for bad guys to carry out terror attacks and they should be canceled,” he said.

Speaking on Galei Yisrael Radio, Dichter said: “This is a meaningful point, diplomatically – not just operationally. In the end, we have to lead to a separation. They should be there and we should be here. If you want to come to our side from there? Pass through a roadblock, be checked, they will see for sure that you are not carrying a weapon. If you are on the list of suspects you cannot enter. The policy of turning roads into dual roads, as if we are one state, in which you drive with your car to Shechem and cross into Israel, is a very problematic reality.”

"The solution to the problem is isolating or cutting off the areas," he elaborated. "You cannot reach a Palestinian community with an Israeli car, nor an Israeli community with a Palestinian car. I hope they do not opt to go easy on ths matter. Defining Highway 443 as a 'fabric of life' highway, this has a price.”

It is not known, however, if the threats on Dichter's life have anything to do with these recent statements.