State-Sanctioned Violence against Jews?

Is Israel's present administration better than previous ones regarding Jewish land rights?

Walter Bingham,

In Hevron, 7 years ago
In Hevron, 7 years ago
David Wilder

Do you believe that history repeats itself? Well in Israel it certainly does. In fact it never stops, like perpetual motion. Particularly High Court decrees against Jewish homes, whose proof of legal Jewish ownership is mostly rejected.

Yet unsubstantiated claims by Arabs, of land ownership in Jewish areas are almost always recognised and endorsed by our courts. The buildings are destroyed, the residents made homeless, the rubble remains, but the Arab "owner" has no benefit, because he will not move into a Jewish village. So, what's the point?  

Today is the anniversary of arguably the most brutal expulsion with the exception of Gush Katif. It happened in Hevron seven years ago and my eye-witness report describes most vividly the whole procedure. 

I am painting pictures in sound and you will really be amazed at how you can almost see it. Then tell me if anything has changed since then.


Also:  If you have ever unfortunately had to suffer the loss of a dear one, and never availed yourself of counselling, the effects can remain with you forever.  I know that from personal experience. Well in Israel and some other places we have NECHAMA, a very professional Bereavement Counselling Service that provides help and support to cope with the loss.

And: Mordechai ben David's tribute to Hevron.

Walter's World - August 14th 2015

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