Gaza Psychoanalyst: Terror 'Camps' Kill Childhood

Summer should be for 'play, developing human character,' says Fadil Abu Hein - not for terror indoctrination foisted on child soldiers.

Ari Yashar ,

Hamas terrorist summer camp
Hamas terrorist summer camp
Aaed Tayeh/Flash 90

Summertime means terror training summer camps for tens of thousands of youth in Gaza aged as young as 14, but one outspoken psychoanalyst in Gaza has stated the obvious, noting children aren't psychologically ready to be turned into terrorists.

The psychoanalyst, Fadil Abu Hein, spoke with the Palestinian Arab Ma'an News Agency, noting, "during childhood, children need to play, have fun, feel happy and all such things which help develop the human character after a school year full of pressures."

That isn't happening during summer vacation due to the terror camps, he said, while not directly condemning the role of Gaza's terrorist leaders in creating the situation.

The news agency pointed out that human rights activists have come out against the terror camps, calling them "a forced militarization of Gazan society and a violation of children's rights."

Gaza looks set to rapidly expand its terror ranks with fresh fodder, as the UN reports that half of the coastal enclave's estimated 1.8 million residents are under the age of 18, meaning new graduates of the terror camps are on the rise.

One camp named Talae al-Awda, meaning Vanguards of the Return, is being led by the Communist terror group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Illustrating the indoctrination process of child soldiers, one PFLP camper, Karam Arafat, told Ma'an that he wants to be a "leader" like the camp trainers one day, and that in order to accomplish that he needs to end his childhood.

"If you want to be a leader, there is no time left for playing," Arafat said

Mahmoud al-Ras, general supervisor of the camp, said attendees "have become mature men because they grew up hearing sounds of shells and missiles and watching the resistance in Gaza cause heavy casualties against the occupation."

Not far away in Hamas's summer camp entitled Talae al-Tahrir, meaning Vanguards of Liberation, Gazan youth were receiving similar brainwashing from the de facto rulers of Gaza.

A trainer with a mask on his face told the paper the terror camp is giving youth "positive values," stating: "if we don't invest in this generation for the common good, they will be taken advantage of for evil things."

"We show them that we aren't terrorists, but resistance fighters defending our homeland, our religion and the people of Palestine, and that this is a religious issue, and not about political parties or factions."

He noted that no less than 25,000 people, with some as old as 55, took part in the Hamas camp this summer, and added that a major goal is to indoctrinate the children to prevent them being recruited by Israeli intelligence so as to spy against the terror groups.