Israeli Indicted Smuggling Rocket Parts to Gaza

Israeli from religious moshav accused of sneaking rocket-building materials and explosives in to Gazan friend over course of two years.

Ari Yashar,

Trucks enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing (file)
Trucks enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing (file)
Flash 90

An indictment was submitted on Thursday against an Israeli resident of the religious moshav Givolim in southern Israel, accusing him of smuggling materials needed to create rockets as well as explosives in to the Hamas-controlled enclave of Gaza.

Amir Oli (43) hid the materials in his truck while bringing shipments of goods in to Gaza over the course of two years according to the indictment, and in this way was able to fool the security inspectors.

Oli is a friend of an Arab resident of Gaza, who served as his contact for the traitorous smuggling venture.

The Israeli transferred hundreds of packets of epoxy glue - which is used among other things as a component in rocket engines produced domestically in Gaza, and also serves as a sealant for explosive detonators - to his Gazan contact.

He also smuggled in radiator fluid and silicon over the Kerem Shalom Crossing hidden among his cargo of legitimate goods.

The indictment charges Oli with making criminal ties, receiving something by fraud under severe circumstances, transferring dual-purpose materials that can be used as weapons without a permit, and more.

An indictment was also submitted against the Gazan accomplice of Oli on the same charges.

The incident is made all the more serious by the fact that Hamas is replenishing its domestic rocket arsenal and therefore desperately needs rocket-making materials so as to be able to launch more lethal attacks against Israeli civilians.

Unfortunately it is not the first case of treacherous action by Israelis; in March is was revealed that three Israeli businessmen led a smuggling network to arm Hamas during last summer's war.

In April an Israeli truck was found smuggling advanced technological equipment into Gaza, including infrared cameras, communications devices, and remote-controlled security cameras.