Watch: Police Rescue Baby Trapped Inside Car

Cops smash car window to save infant child locked inside car in the heat of summer.

Orli Harrari,

צילום: משטרת ישראל

צפו: השוטרים חילצו את הפעוט מהרכב הנעול

Police in southern Israel took quick action after responding to reports of an infant child left inside a parked car in the blistering summer heat, smashing the window and plucking the baby to safety.

The incident took place in the coastal city of Ashdod, after a call was made to the emergency 100 hotline.

Police First Sergeant Tzahi Bermi was among the first on the scene.

"I got to the scene together with another police officer, and we saw two parents standing next to the locked car and waving for help," he recounted. "When I got closer to the car I identified a baby inside the locked car in the passenger seat next to the driver's seat."

Without hesitating, Bermi shattered the car window carefully using a small window-shattering device he was equipped with, enabling him to unlocked the door and return the baby safely into its mother's arms.

Window shattering device used by police to free trapped baby Credit: Israel Police

Fortunately, the infant was in good condition and did not require medical treatment, thanks in part to the quick reaction of police, who were at the scene within minutes.

"Before leaving, the mother and father of the infant thanked the police officers for arriving so quickly, and for their professional and gentle rescue (of the child)," Israel Police said in a statement.

After an initial investigation it transpired that the parents had shut the car door after accidentally activating the car's central locking system, and were for some reason unable to unlock the car using their key.

It was not the first time this summer Ashdod police were forced to break into a car to rescue a baby trapped inside. Three months ago police reacted to a similar call after passersby noticed a young child left inside a parked car.

Each year emergency services respond to numerous reports of babies either forgotten or otherwise left inside parked cars during the summer, sometimes with tragically fatal results.

Authorities have warned parents to be particularly mindful during the summer months, when children left inside cars for even a short period are at serious risk of heat stroke and dehydration.