Rubio: Supporters of Deal Will Answer to History

Republican senator says nuke deal has 'made a third-rate autocracy equivalent to a world power,' warns Iran's ICBMs will point at US.

Gil Ronen,

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
Office of Senator Marco Rubio

In a Wednesday interview on Fox News, Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio lambasted the deal that the US and five other powers have made with Iran regarding its nuclear program and voiced hope that Democrats would join Republicans in blocking it.

“This is an issue that has long-standing consequences,” he said. “If Iran becomes a nuclear weapons power, as I anticipate they will, over the next ten years, everyone who supported it, or voted for it, or allowed it to go forward, will have to answer to history for that, including many of my Democratic colleagues, and most certainly this president.”

“The Iranians are building long-range missiles, which aren’t even touched in this agreement,” he noted.

“Why do you build intercontinental ballistic missiles? There’s only one reason you build them and that’s to put a nuclear warhead [on them]. And you know where they’re going to be aimed? They’re going to be aimed at the United States. Because they know that if the can create that capacity, we can't do anything to them. Because they now have a nuclear deterrent on us.”

Rubio also slammed the US media as “glowing about the deal as if it were a historic event. “It’s ridiculous, a third-rate autocracy has now been given equality with a world power, the United States of America,” he argued.

“They are now a nuclear threshold country on a deal signed with the United States and other global powers. That’s why they’re cheering in the streets in Tehran. That’s why they’re celebrating, you don’t see celebrations in America, you don’t see any celebrations in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, because they know this is a one-sided deal.”