Krauthammer: US 'Capitulation' Makes Iran 'Free'

Iran deal means that Iran can do what it wants, as it wants, without having to fear international sanctions, prize-winning columnist says.

Yaakov Levi,

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani

The Iran deal is so bad, asserted prize-winning syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, that “I think even skeptics of the deal have been shocked by the degree of the capitulation." 

Over the past several days, Krauthammer has written several pieces and discussed in interviews his disappointment with the deal he calls a “farce," and which he believes will allow Iran to continue its path to nuclear weapons unimpeded.

“We gave in on the idea of them having to dismantle their enrichment,” Krauthammer told Fox News on Wednesday. “But even worse is the final capitulation, which was a giving in to a lifting of the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms."

Krauthammer said that while it is impossible to know if Iran will actually allow international inspectors into its nuclear facilities, as President Barack Obama has claimed the agreement will allow for, there is one aspect of the agreement that has already come to fruition.

The sanctions imposed on Iran “are now dead as a result of this agreement," Krauthammer argued. "Obama will now go to the Security Council making almost totally irrelevant what Congress does."

“They are going to go within days to the UN. They are going to pass a resolution. It will probably be unanimous which is approving of the deal and part of that resolution will be to cancel all previous resolutions on sanctions and declaring the illegality of the Iranian program,” Krauthammer stated.

“We have no idea if the inspections are going to work,” Krauthammer continued. “They won't. They're ridiculous with the almost one month of notice." 

"We have no idea what's going to happen with the embargoes, but we know one thing. The sanctions are done. Iran is now free. They will not be re-imposed and that is a huge success for Iran.”