Unity government?
'Zionist Union Is About to Enter the Coalition'

Meretz head says she knows for a fact that Yitzchak Herzog is about to join government, fly to US on its behalf.

Gil Ronen,

Herzog, Netanyahu
Herzog, Netanyahu
Flash 90

Meretz head MK Zehava Galon said Wednesday that she knows that Zionist Union (Labor) Chairman MK Yitzchak Herzog is about to join the governing coalition, and that this is about to happen in the next week or two.

“I know that the Zionist Union is on its way to enter the government and that the nuclear deal is just a hook for it to latch on to,” she told Army Radio.

Galon added that Zionist Union Chairman MK Yitzchak Herzog will be going to the United States on behalf of the government, to explain its policies and “failures.”

The Zionist Union denied Galon's claim and called it “complete nonsense.”

Herzog and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Tuesday in the Prime Minister's bureau, and Netanyahu informed Herzog of the content of briefings that were presented to the Security Cabinet regarding the military implications of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Herzog reportedly said at the meeting that he also sees the nuclear deal as a bad one and that he will do all that he can for the security of the state of Israel in the new situation that has formed.

Netanyahu told Herzog that the fact that the Coalition and Opposition agree that the deal is dangerous is especially important in a time like this. The two agreed to present a unified front on this matter, according to the Prime Minister's Office.

Herzog wrote Tuesday on Twitter: “I spoke with Netanyahu, I made clear that as an Opposition we will enlist forcefully for Israel's security. Soon I will head for the US in order to advance a package of security measures that will befit the new situation.”

Just one day earlier, Herzog blamed Netanyahu for the Iran deal, which he termed “a tragedy of the ages.”

Speaking at a meeting of the Zionist Union faction, Herzog said that Netanyahu had “failed” in allowing the Iranian deal to go through, by not doing “everything possible” to stop it.

Herzog did not say what he would have done differently, but he did say that “we have a long list of complaints about Netanyahu, but this is without question his worst failure. We will yet make him give an accounting for failing to force the negotiating nations to take Israel's issues into consideration.”