Video: Haredi Unit's Sniper Brings Down Terrorist

Video from sniper's position shows Haredi battalion sniper firing at terrorist in Silwad, hitting him in the knee.

Gil Ronen,

IDF sniper
IDF sniper
Flash 90

A video that has been posted on the 0404 website claims to show a sniper from the Haredi battalion (Nahal Haredi or Netzach Yehuda) firing at a terrorist hundreds of feet away in Silwad, near Ramallah, and hitting his knee. The website reports that the incident took place on Thursday.

The video can be activated by clicking on the image. It was shot from inside the sniper's position and the target is hard to make out because of the distance involved.

However, if one looks at a point above and to the left of the center of the red circle in the video, one sees the terrorist, who had been standing, falling.

The Nahal Haredi is a thorn in the side of leftists who fear that  the IDF is becoming too religious and resent the fact that the unit does not want female commanders or instructors. The Left's flagship project in the IDF in the last two decades has been the integration of women into combat units. However, while inserting women into combat units involves lowering the standards of acceptance for the units, the haredi unit has acquired a reputation as a topnotch unit that achieves excellent results in the field and has received multiple awards.

Silwad has been a serious trouble spot in recent weeks.

A serious attack on IDF soldiers was carried out by terrorists there on May 25.

The terrorists hurled a pipe bomb at a group of soldiers, injuring two of them in the legs. In the embedded video below, one of the soldiers can be seen limping away as the Arabs videotaping the event snicker. The video can be activated by clicking on the image.

A swastika can be seen on the wall at the left of the screen.