Foreign Ministry to Fight Anti-Semitism on Google

Ministry establishes huge global experts' forum to so take down anti-Semitic websites, block access through searches.

Gil Ronen,

Googling 'Jew'
Googling 'Jew'

The Foreign Ministry has established a huge forum made up of about 1,000 experts, which is taking action to block global anti-Semitism, including the online variety.

According to Israel Hayom, the Foreign Ministry seeks to block what it terms “online hate speech,” mostly in an effort to stem anti-Semitism in Europe. To this end, it established the Global Forum for Fighting Anti-Semitism, which has already sprung into action.

The Forum has decided that the Foreign Ministry will use the means at its disposal to take down websites that deny the Holocaust. In addition, it will strive to put an end to the current situation, in which a person can search Google with the term “Jew” and reach anti-Semitic websites.

The Forum determined that the Ministry will establish a unit in every country, for enforcement of legislation against hate materials, and for forcing internet suppliers to enforce their own rules against storage of hate materials, the newspaper added. Israel would take action to strengthen legislation against anti-Semitism, and to train police forces in enforcement of laws that are not properly enforced.

The forum also called for adoption of a uniform global position by the internet industry, defining the terms “hate speech” and anti-Semitism.