Report: ISIS Mobilizing in Gaza

Salafi groups operating in Gaza aligning themselves with ISIS, allegedly looking to become a 'branch' of the group's Sinai division.

Uzi Baruch,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

Palestinian Authority (PA) security officials have warned that Islamic State is acting to mobilize in Gaza to serve as an extension of its activities in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Journalist Gal Berger reports that the PA knows of eight extremist Salafi groups operating in Gaza in recent years with several hundred members total. 

Many of these are former Hamas members who left the organization after it decided to participate in PA "elections" and to integrate into the Palestinian government.

Salafi activity is being compartmentalized into different roles in Gaza and funding is allegedly coming from within. 

Hamas sources stated that there are several dozens of Salafi activists who have pledged sole allegiance to ISIS, but added that they "do not pose a serious threat" to stability in the region. 

Berger noted that a senior member of the Salafi movement in Gaza, named as Adnan Mitt, was arrested last month. Mitt is a former Hamas member. 

Last week, sources stated to Maariv that ISIS is threatening to declare war on Hamas and take over Gaza from within.