Dramatic Footage: Police Officer Prevents Suicide

Sergeant commended for his bravery in risking his own life to save a man as he dangled from the roof of a building.

Ari Soffer and Yoni Kempinski,

Police rescues suicidal man in Haifa
Police rescues suicidal man in Haifa

Dramatic footage shows the moments an Israeli police officer prevented a young man from committing suicide in the northern city of Haifa on Monday.

The man, a local resident in his twenties, can be seen dangling from the roof as the police officer - identified as Sergeant Roni Damim - grabs hold of him and drags him to safety before he is able to end his life.

According to a police statement "The police station received a call that a man was apparently trying to commit suicide on the roof of a building in the city."

Sergeant Roni arrived at the scene in a patrol car and proceeded to "climb onto to roof of the building with the help of a ladder from the top floor after succeeding to get through a (locked) door that was blocking his access to the site," police added.

In order to avoid startling the suicidal man with his presence - possibly causing him lose his balance and fall from the roof - the officer crawled from the ladder to him before taking hold of him.

"Together with another citizen who was present at the site, the officer pulled up with all his strength the young man" who was by this point losing his grip as he dangled from the roof, police said.

Haifi Police Department head, Commander Avi Edri, commended Damim on his bravery.

"Sergeant Roni said he saw just one thing in front of him, and that was rescuing the life of a young man even if it meant risking his own life," the police statement added.