Beni Kashriel: I Became a Mayor Coincidentally

Ma'ale Adumim Mayor will inspire you to appreciate the Heavenly gift of Eretz Yisrael, the Holy Land of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Elan Adler,

Benni Kashriel
Benni Kashriel

Rabbi Elan Adler caught up with his mayor, Benny Kashriel of Ma'ale Adumim.

"We sat in his office filled with attractions to catch the eye, but I was focused on one thing - what keeps this mayor excited after 23 years of being the head of a community of 40,000 in one of the largest cities of Judea and Samaria?" 

"He has huge derech eretz [respect] for the Almighty, the all mighty army of Israel, and the people of Israel for their sacrifices on the field and in living in a place where things can erupt without notice."

"His responses during our conversation were dramatic and heartfelt. I look forward to hearing it again and again for my own inspiration," Rabbi Adler said.

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