Cleared for Publication
Terrorist Murdered Jew to Avenge 'Miserable Life'

Terrorist Khaled Kutina told investigators he specifically sought out Jews in brutal car attack in Jerusalem.

Orly Harari and Tova Dvorin, | updated: 13:39

Khaled Kutina, in police custody
Khaled Kutina, in police custody
Miriam Alster/Flash90

The Jerusalem District Court cleared for publication on Tuesday details of the brutal car rampage last week which killed Shalom Sherki and critically wounded his date, Shira Klein. 

The terrorist, Khaled Kutina, 37, a resident of Anata, in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, is married and works as a cleaner in a mosque in Anata; he is known for being a particularly devout Muslim. 

Last Wednesday, at 10:30 pm, went Kutina drove his car along Highway 1 toward Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood.

When the light changed just outside the Police Headquarters , he swerved his vehicle into a bus stop outside the intersection, hitting the two Jews waiting there. 

Kutina then reversed and hit a pole. Jerusalem Police forces and Border Police officers arrived at the scene moments later and arrested him. 

The investigation was conducted by the Jerusalem unit of the Special Ops Division and the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet). 

Kutina told investigators during the initial interrogation that he was being "chased" by a bus behind him and he swerved away from it. 

He later admitted he lied and claimed that the first version he presented was due to him being mentally ill.

Still later, he confessed that he had specifically planned to kill Jews in retaliation for his "miserable life." 

The terrorist's pregnant wife claimed in interviews with Palestinian Arab media on Friday that her husband is not at all interested in politics and news, so the incident was not a terror attack but "a car accident caused by the weather."

On Thursday night, police announced their suspicions that the "car accident" was indeed a terror attack, with evidence from the scene including the way the car struck the bus stop where the two were waiting strengthening that assessment.

Thousands attended Sherki's funeral in Jerusalem, which was attended by the Chief Rabbis of Israel and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.