Petition to Ban Soldier-Terrorist Memorial Day

Bereaved parents demand Defense Minister prevent terrorists and families from entering Israel for 'alternative' Yom Hazikaron ceremony.

Yedida Ben Or, Cynthia Blank,

Flag-laying ceremony for fallen Israeli solid
Flag-laying ceremony for fallen Israeli solid
Flash 90

As Israel's official Memorial Day approaches, hundreds of bereaved families have called on Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon to ban the entry of terrorists' families into Israel to attend an "alternative" Yom Hazikaron ceremony

Organized by the extreme left-wing organization "Combatants for Peace," the joint ceremony will see the participation of family members of terrorists killed while carrying out attacks alongside families of Israel's fallen soldiers. 

A letter was sent to the defense ministry by angry families upon the publicizing of the alternative ceremony, which has been held for the past eight years. . 

In their letter, families who have lost loved ones to wars and terror demanded that Ya'alon update the Memorial Day Act, which was originally established in 1963. 

They called for a new regulation which would prohibit holding events with terrorists and their families on one of the holiest days of Israel's year, particularly for the bereaved families of slain soldiers and civilians. 

"It is inconceivable that a meaningless body will remind us of our sons' murderers by bringing their families into the territory of Israel, will determine for us what is Yom Hazikaron, and will make Yom Hazikaron a shared day with the enemies of the state," angry parents wrote. 

Chairman of the Samaria Residents Council, Benny Katzover, also took part in the families' initative to prevent the alternative ceremony from including terrorists' families. 

"We hope that this year the Defense Minister will work to prevent the entrance of murderers' families. We will continue to work toward changing the existing law so that it will ban shared provocations with Israel's enemies on Yom Hazikaron."