MK Magal: Leftists Are Like Aggressive Bacteria

New Jewish Home MK is shocked by Haaretz's latest screed, which mocks Obama for 'groveling' before Israel and 'wealthy Jews.'

Gil Ronen ,

Yinon Magal
Yinon Magal
Flash 90 / Moshe Shai

Rookie Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal compared Israeli leftists to “aggressive bacteria” Sunday following the publication of an amazing screed by Haaretz's Gideon Levy Thursday.

"American Groveling Before Israel Reaches New Low,” was the opinion piece's headline. In it, Levy attempted to shame US lawmakers for allowing Israel to lobby Congress against President Barack Obama's Iran deal.

"After they finished inciting Europe against Israel, they are now working to do the same thing in America,” said Magal of Levy and his ilk.

Levy accused Israel of attempting to "subvert" the US's "sovereign institutions" and added that “wealthy Jews, first among them Sheldon Adelson, of course, pitched in” to enable the lobbying effort.

“They are greasing the palms of congressional representatives with hundreds of millions of dollars, as revealed by The New York Times," wrote Levy, "so that they will vote against the agreement — and that too slides by in America, to hell with democracy or national interests.”

“President Barack Obama, ostensibly the most powerful and influential man in the world, now looks like someone whose world has crashed around him,” Levy sniped. “In embarrassing interviews, he gives groveling a bad name. He promises Israel the sky, if only it will be satisfied... Obama hasn’t learned a thing: After six years of carrots and sucking up that achieved nothing except for Israel’s persistent, blatant contempt for all his positions and requests, Obama steers the same course, while the only tack to take toward Israel is the opposite tack.”

Levy remained convinced, however, that Israel will be defeated, nonetheless: “these fake or power-drunk thugs always come to a bad end,” he predicted. “One day someone is bound to rip off their masks — and take revenge.”

“The people who invented a nation,” Magal wrote on Facebook, “who determined that it needs a state (on the territory of the Land of Israel, of course), encouraged boycotts of the Zionist state, published false libels, determined falsely that there is apartheid here, advanced denunciations of Israel, flew around the world to besmirch us at every possible convention worldwide (a great job), now want to harm our relations with the US.”

"One needs to read the latest columns by Gideon Levy on this subject, published in Haaretz, to understand how far the derangement has gone. Like an aggressive bacterium that affects the brain.”

Magal noted that Levy's columns are read in capitals worldwide. “It is hard to estimate the damage that this milieu has caused – and is causing – Israel. Actually – just take a look at our diplomatic and security situation. Yes, the Israeli Left bears much of the responsibility for it.”