Brooklyn tragedy
Bereaved Father: 'Where Will I Go Now?'

Seven children killed in electrical fire en route to Israel for funeral; father, neighbors mourn.

Eliran Aharon and Tova Dvorin,

Sassoon Family Home
Sassoon Family Home

The bodies of the seven children who died in an electrical fire that engulfed an Orthodox Jewish family's Midwood, Brooklyn home overnight Friday are en route to Israel, Arutz Sheva has learned Sunday. 

Elian (16), David (12), Rivka (11), Yehoshua (10), Moshe (8), Sara (6), and Yaakov (5) Sassoon died after hot plate apparently malfunctioned. Orthodox Jews leave hot plates on during Shabbat to keep food warm according to halakha (Jewish law - ed.). 

The blaze trapped the family inside their home as they slept.

The matriarch of the family, Gail, 45, and daughter Tzipora, 14, escaped by jumping out of a window. They are currently in critical condition in a local hospital. 

The Sassoon's father, who was abroad over the weekend and missed the blaze entirely, is reeling from the loss. 

"What will happen to us now? Where will I go?" the father stated to Arutz Sheva Sunday, in pain.

A neighbor, who gave her name as Rachel, stated that the family were "amazing people who invested everything they had into their children's education" and that Gail "is a noble, righteous woman who always takes care to help others." 

The family lived in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof for many years, and only moved to Brooklyn recently. 

Funerals for the children will be held in Jerusalem Monday at 2:00 pm.